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Informed decisions make good decisions.

With concrete numbers and tangible insights, you can be confident: your decisions are backed by unique and meaningful data.

Diagnostic help

Brain imaging drastically improves predictability, outcomes, and reduces misdiagnosis.


Systematically scan for possible anomalies and known biomarkers before the first symptoms.

Rehabilitation & Training

Develop customized treatments and rehabilitation programs through objective baselines.


Brain imaging
in total autonomy.

The first cloud-based platform and software with automated processing and digitalized reports.


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The perfect plan for professionnals that are trained to interpret EEG reports. Spend more time using the data than processing it.

  • Raw dEEG and qEEG reports
  • 1 Data Workspace
  • Fully digitalized platform
  • Adaptative subscription
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A great plan for independent professionals and small centers. If the brain is at the center of your job, it is time to look at it.

  • All in Basic Plan
  • EEG Biomarkers
  • Rehabilitation/training protocols
  • Neurofeedback compatibility
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The most powerful option for mid and big-size structures or research labs looking to get as much data as possible.

  • All in Pro Plan
  • Unlimited Data Workspaces
  • Unlimited Uses
  • Research publications
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clients & partners

Here's some use-cases from some clients & partners!

Discover what you can benefit from subscribing to our solution by these examples of actual applications of our clients & partners. Save time, get previously inaccessible insights, and contribute to science.

EPNAK is a public health establishment whose mission is to welcome and support children, adolescents, and adults with disabilities and contribute to their social and professional integration. The flexibility of use and the automation of the Spectre solution allowed the saving of several hours of screening per resident, and an objective monitoring of their mental health evolution by EEG.

Healthcare Group
48 centers

Fnatic is a legendary professional Esport organization. They always seek the best conditions for their athletes. It is to guarantee them an objective and systematic control of their mental health that Fnatic uses Spectre solution.The ambition of this collaboration between two pioneers is also to produce a first large-scale study on the mental health of professional players.

Esport team
17 years leading Esports

The use of Spectre Biotech solution by the Montréal University allowed researchers to save countless hours of brain imaging processes but most importantly integrate it to a much larger number of experiments and research protocols. Today, publishing without brain imaging data is harder than ever, and externalizing brain imaging expertise is a natural answer to save time, money, and achieve the scientific goals they set.

Neuroscience and Neuropsychology
Health, Medical and Social sciences

FFSA Academy has been a federal training center for over 15 years. The FFSA Academy is an international benchmark for motorsport training. For the National Technical Director, Spectre is "an exceptional tool which finally makes it possible to objectively measure the quality of the pilot's attention network". Thus, the FFSA Academy is the first performance center in the world to be equipped with a true "brain training" solution.

Le Mans training & health center
Formula 1/2/3/4 & Rallye

Ramsay Healthcare, through their global network of research, played an important role in the first scientific protocols that layed the foundations of our solution, and where the first integration of a systematic EEG for stroke and concussed patients that suffered from cogntitive disorders occured. We could show how recovery was faster, more effective, and how patients were more confident and more satisfied than with traditional rehabilitation programs.

Healthcare facilities in
over 500 locations

We have been accepted to the OVHcloud startup program. One of the key benefits of the OVH cloud startup program is access to OVH's state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure. This means that we can take advantage of high-performance servers, scalable storage solutions, and advanced security features to build and deploy our applications with ease. We also benefit from OVH's global network of data centers, which ensures that our application will be available to users around the world with minimal latency.

European regulated servers.

We integrated the Village by CA, a leading accelerator. This partnership connects us to a vibrant ecosystem of mentors, investors, and industry experts, opening up valuable opportunities for our growth and innovation. We look forward to the exciting journey ahead with Village by CA by our side.

Village by CA
International accelerator

IT4Anxiety is a European project which supports the implementation of innovative solutions with the aim of reducing the anxiety of patients suffering from mental disorders, but also of health professionals. Spectre Biotech is one of the companies that have been selected to lead innovation along European hospitals, universities, research centers, higher education establishments and public authorities. It is a magnificent opportunity and a great recognition of the relevance of its technology on a European scale.

North-West Europe

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