About Us.

We want to democratize brain imaging.

We want to put brain imaging at the same level than blood test is. Than ultrasound is. Than smear is.

You get the idea, right?

the team

Meet our founders.

The core team of Spectre comprises several high-specialized profiles ranging from neuroscience, brain-machine interfaces, AI engineers, and academic researchers.

Professor in neuroscience specialized in cognitive neuropsychology. With more than 120 scientific publications and 15 years of research, Arnaud highly contributed in linking cognitive functions, rehabilitation and neuroimaging.

Neuropsychologist specialized in rehabilitation and brain-computer interfaces. Facing the problem of the unreliable rehabilitation methods during his own practice, he decided to combine the latest technologies and his passion: network neurosciences.

Our Values

The values that hold us true and to account.


We want you to have the less friction possible while dealing with the most complicated organ in the universe.


We don't want to develop an umpteenth gadget. Every bit of our solution is based on scientific evidence. Just ask for it!